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We are the North American branch of Quickybaby's Special Forces, a World of Tanks clan.

We try to foster a friendly gaming environment so that everyone can enjoy the community.

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Название Игра Тип Участники Дата создания Прогресс
Quickydome V - Back to the Tankture World of Tanks Sw 11 03-01-17
Quickydome IV - Choose Your Own Tankventure World of Tanks Sw 7 09-26-16
Quickydome III - T-54 Fightweight Club World of Tanks Sw 6 08-28-16
Quickydome II - Cromwellcome to the Jungle World of Tanks Sw 12 08-21-16
Quickydome I - IS-3 AP/HE Challenge World of Tanks RR 10 08-09-16